Dear Christ the King Parishioners,

As a major component of the Parish Stewardship Plan, we annually share a portion of our Treasure, in the form of  meaningful financial support, with worthy agencies or organizations.

Your participation in this process is welcome and essential because only agencies that you, the parishioner, identify and nominate can be considered by the Parish Council to receive these funds.

  1.  In order to be considered, an agency or organization must meet all of the following criteria:
    •  The goals and methods of the agency must be consistent with Christian principles
    • The agency should be responding to the clearly identified primary needs of individuals such as food, clothing, shelter, education, health care and spiritual guidance.
    • The agency must be not-for-profit. (For-profit programs are not funded).
    • There must be a demonstrated management structure in place to administer and oversee the use of the funds.
    • Only completed nominations will be accepted and reviewed for consideration.
  2. Nominations may be for local, state, national or international organizations.
  3. Additional consideration is given to those applications where matching funds, or a collaborative approach, will be used to address a specific need.
  4. If the requested funding is for a specific project, please define the purpose, and total cost of the proposed project.

If you have further questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact Jim Clarke at 268-3897, Father Costanza at 783-7459 or any member of the Parish Council.

Jim Clarke
Parish Council President

Please provide as much information as possible so the Parish Council can make an informed decision.


Stewardship Nomination Form

  • If so, please provide some information about the Project and the total funds they are seeking to raise.