Scout Information

The Religious Formation office has scouting books for any scouts interested in working on Catholic scouting awards.

The Process:

Step 1: Contact your troop leader/advisor for appropriate award for your age group.

Step 2: Contact Religious Formation Office to obtain award book.

Step 3: If applicable, complete the Pre-Application and deliver to the Religious Formation Office.

Step 4: Complete activities in book and receive signature from troop leader/advisor.

Step 5: Submit completed and signed book to the Religious Formation Office for review by pastor or scout representative.

Step 6: Completed work and forms will be submitted by the parish to the Diocesan Scouting Office.

*In order to participate in Boards of Review, Retreats, and Advancements, all paperwork must be submitted by the end of December.  Scouting Masses typically occur in March.*

Girl Scouts:

  • For the Love of God, Diocesan (ages 7-9)
  • Family of God, National (ages 7-9)
  • Holy Family, Diocesan (ages 9-11)
  • I Live My Faith, National (ages 9-11)
  • Marian Medal, National (ages 12-15)
  • Spirit Alive, National (Senior Girl Scouts)
  • International Catholic Neighbor Program (all ages)
  • Annual Bishop’s Award, Diocesan (troop award)
  • Saint Elizabeth Seton Medal, Diocesan (adult award)
  • Sain Anne Medal, National (adult recognition)
  • Paraclete Award, Diocesan
  • Good Samaritan, Diocesan

Boy Scouts:

  • Light of Christ (ages 6-7)
  • Parvuli Dei (ages 8-10)
  • Ad Altare Dei (ages 13-14)
  • Pius XII (ages 15-16)
  • International Awareness Activity Program (all ages)
  • Pope Paul VI (unit recognition)
  • Golden Bow (unit recruitment award)
  • Gold Medallion, National (unit recognition award)
  • Bronze Pelican Medal, Diocesan (adult award)
  • St. George Medal, National (adult recognition)
  • Good Samaritan, Diocesan

Additional information can be obtained from your Pack/Troop, our Religious Formation Office, or the Diocese Website.

The link for the Diocesan page is: