Christ the King strives to make the First Communion experience special for each child andtheir family. First Communion is a major rite of passage in the Catholic Church. As one of the seven Sacraments, First Communion typically falls around the age of 7, (Grade 2), when a child is deemed capable of reason and therefore able to appreciate and understand the miracle of the Eucharist.

First Reconciliation for 2nd graders was held on Saturday, December 3rd…  They prepared using the theme of the Good Shepherd. The classic story of the lamb that wanders away from the flock and how the Shepherd looks for and finds him. We are the lambs and Jesus is our Shepherd – whenever we get lost or wander away from good – Jesus will search for us and bring us home.


Please use this page for relevant information and key calendar dates associated with our First Communion program.

First Communion – Important Dates 2016-2017

All dates are subject to change.

  • Communion Date Sign Up: Sunday, January 29, 10:15 – Swan Hall Auditorium (class time)
  • Things We Use at Mass : (Family) Sunday, March 19, 10:15 – Church (class time)
  • Review/Practice: (Family) Sunday, April 2 10:15 am – Church (class time) 
  • Siblings should go to their regularly scheduled classes on Sundays’ when the families are in church. 
First Communions will be celebrated during the weekend liturgies at the 5:00 pm, 9:15 and 11:30 am from April 23 to May 28.

Important Information

  •  Students in the 1st Communion program also prepare for, and receive Reconciliation in early winter.
  •  “Things we use at Mass”. This is a class in church where children and their parents/guardians get to see touch Rae and FC kids 2016and feel the items used at our Eucharistic celebrations.
  • Families will choose their liturgy dates for First CommunioFrJoe.SaraLongaccrejpgn in January. The dates are presented and sign ups take place at a meeting held during class time. Families are able to choose a dateof their choice. Up to five families per liturgy may have a child receive First Communion.


Things to Know About Receiving First Communion

  • Each Communicant and their family create a banner using the themes  they learned during class, (God, Jesus, Mass, and Communion). The banners are displayed in church on the date of each child’s First Communion. In this way our parish family can also recognize each child and their journey to First Communion. Banners also include a wallet sized photo of each student.Banner instructions and burlap backing will be given out in January .

Banner Instructions