Classroom Locations

Classrooms for each grade are in the following buildings on campus at the University of Rhode Island:


 Curriculum by Grade Level at Christ the King


Pope Francis receives a copy of We Believe Catholic Identity Edition from William Sadlier Dinger, President of Sadlier at the Anziani e Nonni Event at the Piazza San Pietro, 9/28/14.

Here at Christ the King our children work with teachers and parents using Sadlier’s “We Believe” series for Grades 1-6 and Sadlier’s “One Faith, One Lord” series for Grade 7. Pre-K and K use the early childhood catechetical program from Sadlier’s “Discovering God”.  Preparation for Confirmation is Grade 8, please see that webpage for information.



Pre-K – Discovering God’s World –  Nurtures the faith of young children. This preschool program is filled with fun activities for four-year-olds and helps them explore God’s gifts of life and creation.




KindergartenDiscovering God’s Love –  Helps young children  discover God’s gifts of family and church.



1st GradeGod Loves Us – Children are taught about Jesus and how God watches over us and takes care of us.  They will learn that our church is a family of believers who help each other and all people. Liturgy of the Word – (during 9:15 Mass), we invite all first graders to leave the church and go into the parish hall, where the readings of the Gospel are explained to them at a level they can better understand.

2nd GradeJesus Shares God’s Life – Children are taught about Eucharist and prepare for receiving Jesus for the first time. They learn that Jesus gave us the gift of Himself at the last supper.  They also learn about the parts of the Mass and how we celebrate the real presence of Jesus.  They will also prepare for Reconciliation.

3rd GradeWe Are The Church – Children are taught the Apostles’ Creed, about prayer, the difference between liturgical and private prayer, and the four marks of the church.

4th GradeGod’s Law Guides Us – Children are taught about the Ten Commandments and how we as members of our church are called to respect the laws and the importance of following God’s commandments.

5th GradeWe Meet Jesus In The Sacraments – Children are taught about the different sacraments and how we use them to live our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. They will also learn about the Beatitudes.

6th GradeWe Are God’s People – Children are taught about God’s people and the journey of Moses and the history of how our church began.

One_Faith_One_Lord_Product_540x680px7th GradeOne Faith, One Lord – Review of Catholic teachings in preparation for Confirmation program.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children

If you have a child who has not received one or more of the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism or First Communion). We have a program called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Children. If you are interested please contact the Religious Formation office at 789-0417.

For more information including the Class schedule for 2017-2018 please visit the Information/Registration page.