Homeless Shelter

This (Emmanuel House) is yet another demonstration of the Diocese‚Äôs enduring commitment to serve those most in need in our community, and the City of Providence is grateful to have such a responsible and caring community partner.— Providence Mayor Angel Tavares

Responding to the urgent need for additional emergency homeless shelters in December of 2010, Bishop Tobin opened a shelter in a former diocesan day care center to provide a warm place to sleep for those without a home. The former Carter Day Care Center would begin serving 16 individuals each night, then, in January of 2011, with the approval of the Providence Fire Department, expanded to 35 beds per night. The overflow shelter provided an immediate need as the demand for shelter beds exceeded availability.

Through the Catholic Charity Appeal, the Diocese covers the costs of insurance, maintenance, heating, electric and other utilities for Emmanuel House. In October of last year, the Diocese awarded additional resources from the Appeal for upgrades such as new restroom and shower facilities that are used by guests of Emmanuel House. The Appeal is funded by generous Catholics throughout the state who support more than 30 diocesan agencies that provide for the physical and spiritual needs of Rhode Islanders.

In early 2012, at the request of the City of Providence, a day shelter opened at Emmanuel House providing not only a safe place for the homeless to seek refuge, but also to obtain assistance in finding housing, employment or substance abuse counseling.


The shelter is funded, in part, by the annual Catholic Charity Appeal. Gifts to the appeal can be made at www.providencediocese.org.

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Dottie Perreault

Emmanuel House Emergency Homeless Shelter
239 Public Street
Providence, RI 02903