Let us draw near to it [the sacrament of the Eucharist] with an ardent desire, and with our hands held in the form of the Cross, let us receive the Body of the Crucified One; and let us apply our eyes and lips and brows and partake of the Divine Coal, in order that the fire of the longing that is in us, with the additional heat derived from the Coal, may utterly consume our sins and illumine our hearts, and that we may be inflamed and deified by participation in the Divine Fire.  – Saint John of Damascus (8th century)

The sacrament of Holy Communion is the greatest gift that God has given to his church. Eucharistic Ministers, or Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, are blessed with the precious privilege of distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful gathered in the assembly.

Those who have received Confirmation and meet the universal requirements for ministry are encouraged to share the gift of their love for Christ and the Eucharist in this important ministry. Eucharistic Ministers must be fully-initiated, practicing Catholics who are in good standing with the church community and show devotion to the Eucharist by receiving it weekly. They must have a firm belief that the Eucharist is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.

Training for this ministry is offered once a year in the fall. For more information, please speak to our Pastoral Associate, Mrs. Jennifer Marran (783-7459).