1950 – Christ the King Church founded just off the campus of University of Rhode Island
Parish founded by Bishop McVinney on November 14, Reverend Joseph Wiseman, C.S.C., is named the first pastor. Parish consisted of about 100 families.  Mass was celebrated in Edwards Hall at the University of Rhode Island.
1952 – A Quonset hut, (a building made of corrugated metal and having a semicircular cross section),
was erected on land where the Faculty Center is now located.
1953 – The “Quonset Hut Church” was blessed by Bishop McVinney.
1957 – Reverend Edmund O’Neill was named second pastor. Ground was broken for the present church and rectory. The parish had grown to 155 families.
1960 – Reverend J. Leo Lyons was named third pastor of the parish. Rev. Edmund Micarelli was named first chaplain and Director to URI Catholic Center.
1963 – Reverend John Canole was named fourth pastor.
1964 – Reverend Louis Dunn named fifth pastor. First Parish Council established.
1966 – The Catholic Center is dedicated. Reverend Raymond Collins was named the second chaplain and Director to URI Catholic Center.
1967 – Reverend Oscar Ferland was named sixth pastor. First general parish council elections were held.
Main altar was moved so that Mass could be celebrated facing the congregation.
1968 – Bishop McVinney decreed that the parish was both a territorial and a University
parish. Reverend David Inman was appointed third chaplain and Director of Catholic center.
1972 – Reverend Robert Brown was named seventh pastor. The parish had grown to 230 families.
1975 – Parish celebrates its 25th anniversary. There were 410 families. Reverend George Behan was named fourth chaplain and Director to URI Catholic center.
1976 – Reverend Randolph Chew named fifth chaplain and Director to URI Catholic center.
1981 – Reverend Joseph Creedon named eighth pastor. There were 581 families.
1985 – Parish celebrated its 35th anniversary, 787 families.
1987 – Stephen Ministry established at Christ the King
1989 – Reverend Al Ricci was named sixth chaplain and Director to URI Catholic center. Interior renovation of the church is completed. Church interior remodeling completed.
1990 – Mustard Seed newsletter established.
1991 – We are now 1,150 families.
1992 – Reverend Robert Hawkins was named seventh chaplain and Director to URI center. Reverend Joseph Wiseman, C.S.C, founding pastor of Christ the King, died April 7, 1992.
1993 – Construction begins on the Parish Hall, additional parking spaces and renovation to the interior of the rectory. Narthex and parish hall additions completed.
1994 – Parish Hall and renovated rectory are dedicated on April 23.
1995 – Parish celebrates is 45th anniversary. There are now 1,361 families. We have almost doubled in size over a ten-year time period.
1996 – Reverend John Soares was named eighth chaplain and Director to URI Catholic center.
1997 – We are now 1,470 families.
1998 – “Out of Darkness” by Tom Kendzia dedicated to Joseph D. Creedon.
1999 – Mrs. Nancy Drennan is named Pastoral Associate.
2000 – Nov. 14 – 50th anniversary of Christ the King Parish
2003 – We are now 1,668 families.
2007 – Dedication of the Narthex.
2008 – Reverend Matthew Glover was named ninth chaplain and Director to the URI Catholic center. We are now 1,734 families.
2012 – Reverend Joseph D. Creedon retires June 30, after 31 years of service to the parish. Reverend Jared J. Costanza is named the ninth pastor. There were 1,599 families. 2012

June 30 – Fr. Joesph Creedon retires as Parish Priest at Christ the King parish.

Oct 21 – the Most Reverend Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of the Diocese of Providence, presided at the 11:30 a.m. Installation Mass of the Rev. Jared J. Costanza as the 9th pastor of Christ the King parish.

2013 – Mrs. Nancy Drennan retires from Pastoral Associate. Mrs. Jennifer Marran named Pastoral Associate. We are now 1,811 families.
2014 – 1,900 families and still growing!
2015 – 2,000 families and still growing!
2015 – Rev. Joseph Upton named as tenth chaplain and Director to the URI Catholic center.
2017 – 2,125 families and still growing!

University Chapel