Buddy System

If a particular child needs extra attention (staying on task, understanding the objective of the class, etc.), beyond what a Catechist Aide can provide, a Buddy is assigned to that child to assist in whichever way is needed.

Catechist Aide

Catechist aides are members of the parish Religious Formation team who assist catechists with lessons and classroom management. An aide may take the place of a catechist in some situations but is not responsible for lesson planning. An aide may also be called upon to assist a student who needs extra work or help in order to succeed in the classroom environment.

First Grade Liturgy of the Word

See Children’s Liturgy tab under Religious Education tab to find out more information.

Hall Monitors

Hall monitors assist children for whatever they need in the hall.  Also, they watch the traffic in and out of the buildings because Christ the King uses URI buildings.  If needed, they help parents find their children’s Religious Formation room if they need to leave early.

Inventory Crew

Members are needed at the beginning and end of each year of Religious Formation to count the number of supplies for each classroom.  For example, the same number of pens, pencils, crayons to complete a set.  Members are also needed to count the amount of items collected for certain drives (cans, school supplies, etc.)

Setup Crew

Members of the Setup Crew are required to bring all of the Religious Formation supplies over to the URI buildings from Christ the King.  They also bring them back to Christ the King once classes are over.

Special Project Aides

Special Project Aides are needed to help facilitate Special Projects that are done throughout the year.  Some of them include the Seder Meal, the Blanket Project, the Senior Visits, and Welcome House meals.

Special Project Coordinators

Special Project Coordinators are older students who run the Special Projects at CTK.  Often times they are students who need leadership hours.  They run the already established Special Projects at CTK as opposed to the Special Project Aides who just help.


Older students who have their OWN idea for a project are more than welcome to propose it to the Religious Formation team.


Young people in grades pre-K through 7 gather for Religious Formation on Sunday mornings from 10:15-11:15. For more information on this ministry, please speak to Georgann Lardaro in the Religious Formation Office (789-0417).  All volunteer opportunities can count as hours for Honors Societies and school requirements as well.