“ With God is my safety and my glory,

He is the rock of my strength; my refuge is in God.

Trust in him at all times, O my people!

Pour out your hearts before him.”

Psalm 62: 8-9

This Lenten Season, as in past ones, we share the stories of Jesus on his human journey to fulfill his divine destiny. His journey is memorable because it gives us many insights into his divinity via the miracles he performs, but we also witness the fact that he is utterly human and acts and feels just like all of us.

  • Like us, he has to endure loneliness and temptation.
  • Like us, he suffers the sorrow of losing someone he loves.
  • Like us, he is striving to find out how to become the person he was meant to be.
  • Like us, he is rejected by others because he is not like them
  • And like many of us, he is trying to deal with all this in the face of others who have a different image of whom or what he is, and where his place in society should be.

  Jesus, like the rest of us, often struggles to navigate the events that life throws in his path. He feels suffering, loneliness, sickness and despair just like us. At these times, he reaches out to God for guidance. He needs the assistance of the angels, to keep him safe in the desert. He needs the message of his divinity to be communicated to his disciples, through God on the mountaintop. Through divine intervention, he performs miracles that reveal his true identity, but his true identity is not just God; it is also human.

  This Lent, on our own Journey to Jerusalem, we will share some of the human experiences of other parishioners who are in our midst. These people, like all of us, faced uncertainty, doubt, challenges, often very painful ones, and loss. They were not sure how to navigate these events in their lives, but the insights they gleaned from their faith in God, and their trust in him, helped them weather these difficult moments.

  Our Lenten Journey to Jerusalem is meant to embrace two ideas: one is that the road to physical health can be achieved through a daily fitness activity, like walking. The other is the awareness of our humanity, gleaned through our unique connection to the Savior of the World. Just as Jesus shared our humanity with us, we all share his spirituality with him.                  

-Robert Ruth