With so many viruses and infections and bugs going around, it’s time for the annual reminder that drinking from the cups during Communion is totally optional, and no one receives any additional grace by drinking from the cups after they have received the host. There are very reasonable concerns that lead people to refrain from drinking from the cup, either during the winter, or at all times. The CDC advises that people do not drink from cups after those who are sick. When I’m on vacation, the thought of receiving from the cup never even crosses my mind. The official teaching of the church is:

“Above all, they [pastors] should instruct the Christian faithful that the Catholic faith teaches that Christ, whole and entire, and the true Sacrament, is received even under only one species, and consequently that as far as the effects are concerned, those who receive under only one species are not deprived of any of the grace that is necessary for salvation”

(General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 282).

Sometimes, people who prefer not to drink from the cups ask whether they may dunk the host into the precious blood. Communicants are not allowed this option, because of the possibility and danger of the precious blood dripping from the host onto the floor. So please understand why Eucharistic Ministers are instructed to cover the cup if someone attempts to dunk a host in it: it is their duty and responsibility to protect the precious blood from falling to the floor. If you choose to receive Communion under both kinds, you must drink from the cup itself.

– Fr. Jared