Religious Formation for Pre-K to 7 on Sunday, November 12.

    • Many parents are calling and letting us know about absences – thank you – it really helps us with our record keeping of 400+ students!
    • The fall sports programs are reaching completion – if your child is “starting up” as a class member please check the front of the textbook for room number and class assignment.
  • Class time is 10:15-11:15 a.m. Many teachers are trying to attend the 11:30 mass.  There is someone in both buildings until the last child leaves and all rooms are checked before they are locked. No child wants to be the last one in the building. Please be on time.

Make a Plan with your children for pick up! Sometimes parents are late because of traffic/parking or other issues. Children should know a cell phone number so that we can call and reassure them that they haven’t been forgotten. This becomes even more stressful when the weather turns colder and we have liquid or frozen precipitation!