Our Parish Response To The Plea Of Pope Francis

More than 45 Parish ministries were on display at last weekend’s annual Stewardship Fair including our newest ministry, the Refugee Committee.

In response to the plea of Pope Francis for Catholics around the world to address “the greatest refugee crisis since World War II,” Christ the King is the first Diocese of Providence parish to commit time, talent and treasure to “adopt” two refugee families.

In partnership with the Diocesan Office of Immigrants and Refugees, this week our Parish Refugee Committee was provided with the names of our two adopted families:

  • The Haj Mohmoud Family from Syria include 28 year old parents of three children: two boys, ages 8 and 3, and a 5 year old girl. The mother is pregnant with their fourth child.
  • The Motema Mugwa Family from the Congo include a 39 year old father, a 28 year old mother, a 5 year old boy and a 3 month old girl.

As Fr. Jared explained in announcing this initiative last May, our Parish commitment includes providing financial assistance to pay for the families’ monthly apartment rent in Providence for the next year, reflected in a grant of $7,200 earmarked as part of our Stewardship Giving awards for 2017-18. The Parish is also committed to providing household goods, bedding and personal hygiene items.

Committee Chair, Liz Dufresne, explained that the 18 member Refugee Committee will assume responsibility for providing these supplies as well as organizing monthly deliveries for the next three months while the Committee establishes future guidelines to provide regular monthly assistance.

“Financial donations made by our larger Parish community, estimated at several thousand dollars so far, will be sent to the Diocese to lend further support to these families,” Liz noted. The donation boxes at the doors to the Church will stay in place for the immediate future.

“We hope to have pictures and names soon and plan to invite these families to visit our Church in the near future,” Liz added. “Thanks to our Peace and Justice committee for bringing this issue forward over the past year. It is no surprise how quickly fellow parishioners have rallied around this effort.”

Indeed, that is what a parish family does when it aspires to become an example of how a 21st Century Christian community can inspire others to follow Jesus.