On April 7th I attended the Stations of the Cross with Musical Intervals presented by the Music Ministry of Christ the King Parish.  It was a moving and inspirational experience for me and for many others who shared their wonder with me as we left the quiet church.  Our choir, always professional, was exceptional as they were led by Tom Kendzia and Heather Skidds in perfectly chosen and beautifully arranged  musical pieces. The singing was enhanced by musical instruments with Catherine LiVolsi on the violin, Linda Price, flute, and Tom Kendzia on piano and guitar.

 The program was well paced and prayerful readings were offered by Barbara Kenny and Theresa LiVolsi. Without exception it was the most reflective Stations of the Cross that I have ever attended. As Heather suggested by way of introduction, the community experienced the evening as a “concert for Holy Week,” powerful and prayerful, and was truly an awesome way of entering the week we call Holy. Thanks to all in our music ministry for sharing their time and talent in such a powerful and prayerful way.

Margaret Riley