The last Confirmation class is April 23 (from 1-3 p.m. Earth Day at CTK).

Religious Formation classes from grades PreK-7 ended last Sunday.

More than 400 students were in 29 classrooms in 2 of the URI buildings for the year!

Our teachers, aides and assorted helpers did a great job each Sunday.

But it also took a team of volunteers to bring all the supplies back to Christ the King. 

Thanks to  Dylan and Jordan Chelo, Eric and Cherie Fornaro, Nick Given,  Vinnie Grosso, Drew Jalbert, Pat Marcantonio, Tony Marino, Jay Masse, Tina Moore, Mary-Lou Morissette, Jen Nappi, Chris and Cynthia Seneko, Jim and Alison Ward for collecting, counting and transporting all of the supplies back to the Parish Hall.

On Monday the “Book Team” took over! Robin DiSchino, Liz Dufresne and Kathe Fogelman went through each textbook and repaired /cleaned and emptied “left over” paperwork from the books. The books have been counted and are ready for classes next fall. The Parish Hall is now clean and ready for the Holy Week and Easter Celebrations and the Religious Formation staff is grateful for all the help.