The CTK Wellness Group Invites All Parishioners to Participate in the 2nd Annual Journey to Jerusalem

  The Wellness Group wants to promote the idea that we can combine the physical benefits of fitness, achieved by daily walking, with the spiritual aspect of our faith during our Lenten Journey. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the 2nd “Journey to Jerusalem” initiative for all parishioners during the Season of Lent.

  Jesus and his Disciples made many journeys, mostly by foot, during his ministry. His final journey covered the distance from the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem. Although the exact distance for this journey is difficult to calculate, most experts agree it is approximately an 80 mile trip.

  The goal of the journey is to walk 80 miles in 40 days, the period from Ash Wednesday, March 1, to Palm Sunday, April 9.  

This works out to 2 miles of walking per day.

Since walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, and can be done at almost any age, this goal is in line with the physical aspect of wellness. The idea is to use this 40 day period for the purpose of enhancing your level of fitness and vitality.

The other dimension of our human journey, in life, and in Lent, is spiritual.  Since the Sunday Scripture readings during Lent detail some key events in our Lord’s human journey, we decided to use these as a spiritual reference guide for our journey. Each week in the bulletin there will be a narrative written by a member of this parish, who has either suffered a personal loss in their life, or undergone a significant individual human challenge. These narratives will relate their challenge to an aspect of that week’s Scripture that will give you some spiritual food for your personal journey with the Lord as you share the road with him to Jerusalem.

  As we did last year, we will periodically offer you additional tools to use in order to keep you on track during your journey, and some inspiration to keep you motivated along the way. These will be found in the bulletin and on the website, and in a special location in the Parish Hall.  We also encourage you to form a team if you wish, or recruit your friends or family members and challenge them to complete the journey together. We also invite you to submit your thoughts and experiences along with photos of your journey to Beth Hogan who can post them on the CTK Facebook page.

  We invite you all to participate with us this year and Journey to Jerusalem during Lent.  Hopefully the physical vitality gained by daily walking and the spiritual aspects of our faith gained in our shared community experiences will help us better understand who we are and how we experience our humanity.

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey”

Stephen Cove

Journey to Jerusalem